Executive Producer's notes
A Plaster, a Paper and a Cheese & Pickle Sandwich is the first of what we hope will be many collaborations with fresh young talent.

We got to know director Sheena Holliday's work when she approached us for some work experience whilst winding up her film studies, on leaving university she put together a small production team in York called Crestfallen Productions with close friend Adam Greenwood, and together they came up with an idea for a short that had that rare quality of being something a little different.

We offered to help find them cast, crew and kit, they shot and cut the film, and now we're distributing it to festivals. We couldn't be happier with the results; a unique and engaging short that veers from black as film noir comedy to Hitchcockian inspired psychological thriller and look forward to introducing Crestfallen's fresh film vision to the world.

Steve Piper
Coffee Films


Sheena Holliday, Director/Writer/Co-Producer
Sheena lives in East Yorkshire where she freelances as a Drama/Film Community Artist. She started making short films with friends at 16 and won an award at Hull Screen 2000 with a doc about her band Steela. A final university project formed the basis of Crestfallen Productions as she and Adam teamed up with Emma to shoot Like a Charm.

Adam Greenwood, Editor/Writer/Co-Producer
Adam lives in York and works at the local arthouse cinema. Plaster is his first short film since university and he hopes to make many more. He established Crestfallen Productions with Sheena on a day trip to Bridlington whilst studying together at university and after working together on a Blair Witch homage while on work experience in 2003.

Emma Clover, Producer
Emma lives miles away from anybody in Lincolnshire. She graduated from uni in York with Adam and Sheena two years ago. This is her first short film project since finishing uni and will hopefully be the first of many with Crestfallen Productions. Emma is now biding her time working in a bank and waiting for the next big thing.

Steve Joiner, Murphy
Steve trained at East 15 Acting school, performed at the Edinburgh Fringe in The Interview; winner of the Sunday Times Student playwright award. He has worked the fringe circuit in London and various short films. He is currently resting as a truancy officer hoping to mentor one of many disaffected kids into the next James Dean.

Phillip Collins, Frank Phil does not live in Switzerland and plays saxophone, not drums. He doesn't sing either, much to the relief of family and friends. Since retiring from teaching he trained in acting at Newcastle College and Northumbria University and now does occasional small parts in short films and lengthier bits on stage at the People's Theatre in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Steve Joiner; Murphy
Phillip Collins; Frank
Martin Connors; Dog Mask Boy
Shannon Daly; Girl
Fran Thomas; Dog Walker #1
Meg; Dog #1
Gem; Dog#2
Pepsi; Dog #3
Brian Smith; Dog Mask Man
Danny Lee; Father
Thomas Lee; Son
Alan Clover; Crowd on Beach #1
Jane Clover; Crowd on Beach #2
Simon Ghorbani; Crowd on Beach #3
Fly; Dog on Beach
Richard Purseglove; Policeman #1
Ian Hammond; Policeman #2

Director/Writer/Co-Producer; Sheena Holliday
Editor/Writer/Co-Producer; Adam Greenwood
Producer; Emma Clover
Camera; Alasdair Beckett-King
Production Assistants; Simon Ghorbani, Brian Smith
Special Technical Explosives Consultant; Andrew Betson
Executive Producers; Steve Piper, Vanda Rapti

Featuring the music;

"Murphy's Theme"
Written and performed by Robert Loxley Hughes
©2006 Robert Loxley Hughes

"An Introduction"
"The New Parade"
"Gravity Loses Control"
"Hold Me 'Til I Drown"
Written and performed by Idle Jack and the Big Sleep
©2006 Idle Jack and the Big Sleep

"Phella Part-E"
Written and performed by Michael Cheung
©2006 Michael Cheung

"Chill Pill"
Written and performed by Morning Lane
©2006 Morning Lane

Thank you;
Ashley Ghorbani, Alan Clover, Andrew Craven at Jewsons, Ashley Turnbull, Banana Warehouse York, Becky Watson, Ben Thomas, Ben West, Bobby the Dog, Charlotte Bamber, City Screen York, Coverdales Opticians York, David Hunt, Dave Dee, Dee, Dinah Connors, York Evening Press, Flo Joiner, Frank Grosvenor, Fran Thomas, Golden Wonder, Hannah Derbyshire, Hawkins Corner Shop, Hunters York, Jane Clover, Jo Bottomley, Jonny Lee, Keith Compton, Lady from bakery, Linda Holliday, Mark Geddis, Mark Waters, Michelle Stranis, Nick Mason, Phoenix Films York, Rob Hughes, Steve Joiner Sr, Suzy Hardy, the Residents of Huby Court, Wendy Greenwood, Xtreme Pizza Co North Somercotes and Yorkshire Tea

Very special thanks to Carol Taylor

Shot entirely on location around York and Cleethorpes, England.
©2006 Coffee Films/Crestfallen Productions

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