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One of the essential things we needed for the film were some nature photos to make up the lead character's portfolio; they were vital for several shots in the film and helped bring the character to life, unfortunately we had little money and a quick look around showed that as a result most good photographers weren't remotely interested in helping us out. Fortunately, persistence paid off and we eventually struck a deal with three wonderfully talented photographers who were open minded to us using some of their beautiful shots, and patient and supportive to us throughout the long development and production period. Their work appears all too briefly in the final film, so a small selection of their photos is reproduced here, all images are copyright the respective photographers, click on them to be taken to their individual websites and check out some amazing images.

Andy Bright is based in the UK and specialises in photos of birds, he shoots using a digital camera attached to a spotting scope for these incredible close ups, and helps run one of the largest forums on the net for bird enthusiasts, his busy site is regularly updated with photos and articles on photography techniques and equipment;

Todd Adams hails from the USA, he is a travel photographer and goes around the world taking stunning shots of natural landscapes and man made beauty, his site is still under construction but already full of images from his most recent trip to Europe;

Terry Whittaker lives in the UK and takes photos mostly of mammals, but also of people and places; he has regularly worked with wildlife parks to get really close up shots of some extremely rare creatures, and his almost completed site promises to be a visual feast;

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