The Film

A Coffee Films production; "How To Disappear Completely", 8 mins, English, colour, DV, ©2004 Coffee Films

Supported by
Photographer Andy Bright
Photographer Todd Adams
Photographer Terry Whittaker
Knole House
The Badger Trust
The Pentagon Shopping Centre
Photo-Me photo booths UK

Tristan (David House), a young photographer disillusioned and disgusted by the ugly face of modern society, turns his back on it to photograph nature in the unspoilt and untainted countryside, far away from the human race. Here, in glorious sunshine and fresh air, following deer and rabbits, he thinks he has truly discovered himself and his place in the world, as well as a working philosophy on life; people can't be bothered, so why bother with them?

It all makes sense, until the day he sees by chance a beautiful girl (Michelle Munden) walking in the countryside and suddenly he has to decide between his principles and philosophy, or the ills of a world he has left behind. Unknown to the girl, Tristan's decision has substantial ramifications for her own life.

This spring, consider yourself, your place in the world, consider the society around you; wouldn't it sometimes be best just to disappear?

The Director
Steve Piper lives in Maidstone in the south east of England where he is the managing director of the Coffee Arts and Media company. He founded the organisation in the mid 90's and has since directed and produced 17 experimental shorts and documentaries for us. Steve is currently developing several shorts, features, and documentaries for Coffee Films, and his latest short as director/producer Dealer should be at festivals in summer or autumn.

The Writer
Jason Young currently lives in Saskatoon (smack dab in the centre of Canada) where he works as a graphic designer. He has been writing for many years and had several short stories and poems published. How To Disappear Completely is Jason's first produced screenplay, and he is also now working on a feature length project with Coffee Films.

The Director of Photography
Rob Fairlie lives in Bromley, near London, England where he is the technical director of Coffee Arts and Media. He has worked in TV and film across the UK and Australia shooting, editing, and producing everything from underground shorts to kids TV. Rob is currently producing a variety of short, feature, and documentary projects for Coffee Films.

The Actor
David House lives in the centre of London where he is a full time actor. He has worked across the industry from Hollywood features to zero budget shorts to MTV presenting. David is currently up for numerous film and TV roles, and is working hard on several screenplay ideas, one of which is with Coffee Films.

The Photographer; David House
The Girl; Michelle Munden
Shopping Centre Extras; Pete Gower, Anna Selby, Matt Vickery
Unfocused Faces Extras; Ed Osborne, Jon Driscoll, Gelli Graham, Kelly Dower
Deer provided from the herds at Knole House, Kent
Badger filmed in the wild, Kent

Director/Producer; Steve Piper
Writer; Jason Young
Producer/Director of Photography; Rob Fairlie
Executive Producer; Vanda Rapti
First Assistant Director; Dave Smith
Editor; Gareth Davies
ADR; Martin Pavey
Production Assistants; Sheena Holliday and Kev Rye
Nature Photographers; Andy Bright, Todd Adams, and Terry Whittaker
French Translation; Emmanuel Poulain
Titles; Sarah Mann
Locations; Matt Bremerkamp, Gary Cantan, Tim McGregor, and Neil Jordan
Production Mascot; Coffee

Featuring the song "Strange And Beautiful (I'll Put A Spell On You)", performed by Aqualung, written by Matt Hales and Kim Oliver, courtesy of Warner Strategic Marketing UK

Love, peace, and kisses; Dick Pettett, Francois Defreitas at Photo-Me Corporation UK, Gelli Graham, Keith Hutchin, Knole House, Linda Harding, Marion Buckler, Mark Rothery and staff at The Pentagon Shopping Centre and the general public of Chatham in Kent, Matt Hales and Phil Nelson of Aqualung, Mum, Dad, and Bro Fairlie, Mum and Dad Jordan, National Federation of Badger Groups, Pauline Kidner, Pom Munden, Robbie Woods, Sarah Eastel Locations, Walt at, Wayne Lovall, and everyone at Coffee Arts and Media Ltd.

Special thanks to; Robbie Woods, Paul Pritchard-Brown, David Greathead, and Sarah Mann.

The producers would like to affirm that no animals were harmed in the making of this film.
Shot entirely on location around Kent, England.

How To Disappear Completely

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