The Film

A Coffee Films production; "Dealer", 70 mins, black and white/colour, Hi-8/HD, ©2014 Coffee Films.

Every Sunday hash dealer Dave (Dave Smith) gets woken up by his supplier Neil (Neil Jordan), and this Sunday is no exception; like most days it passes by in a haze of dope and talking shit with whoever drops by; art students, tobacco smugglers and best mates. Through the first half of the week dealing is always casual, a meet with acid dealer Matt (Matt Bremerkamp) turns into a day long trip through the countryside, and summer threatens to break through on lunchtime trips to sort out suits in town.

Sarah (Sarah Green) calls up on Wednesday, wanting E for her sister Liz's (Liz Green) 18th birthday; typically Dave doesn't sell pills, but a dodgy 3am meeting in a suburban maze with some "geezer" to score turns out to be the least of his worries as the gear runs dry, the phone keeps ringing, and something else still waits to go wrong, something to do with Sarah and Liz...

A striking collaborative work of documentary fact and dramatic fiction, told by some of the people who have been there, and shot on a zero budget with ancient consumer level analogue equipment; purely independent no bullshit film-making. See the real picture and make your own decisions about recreational drug taking in the British suburbs soon.

The Director
Steve Piper founded the Coffee organisation in the mid 90's and has since produced and directed almost 30 films for us. He has worked throughout the arts and media industries, hasn't slept for 4 years, and plans to take over the world in the near future.

The Dealer
Dave Smith was a founder member of Coffee Films and has appeared in numerous shorts and documentaries with Dealer representing the most serious acting challenge to date. He now lives in Canada where he enjoys snowboarding in the mountains and moaning about the cold.

The Hash Supplier
Neil Jordan has appeared in several Coffee shorts but has little interest in the performing arts besides his work with us. He works as a London Fireman at Plumstead Fire Station, is not the famous film director of the same name, holds the speed record for eating 10 Pringles in one mouthful, and should get paid a lot more.

The Acid Supplier
Matt Bremerkamp has previously appeared briefly in the Coffee documentary Drugs Night IV, this is his only experience of acting. He currently works as a chef in Australia, has strange hair growing from the tops of his ears, and chills a lot listening to outrageously loud music.

The Birthday Girl
Liz Green has been due to act in just about every film of ours that failed to get going, making this her first screen appearance with us. She currently lives in Japan, is the real as well as screen sister of Sarah Green despite looking nothing like her, and is looking for more roles involving vomiting.

The Older Sister
Sarah Green has regularly worked with Coffee Films since the late 90s and is one of the few members of the cast who actually has training as an actor. She currently works as a teacher in Malaysia after stints in the Marshall Islands and Scotland, and is not the well known British children's TV presenter of the same name.

The Dealer; Dave Smith
The Hash Supplier; Neil Jordan
The Acid Supplier; Matt Bremerkamp
The Birthday Girl; Liz Green
The Older Sister; Sarah Green
The E Supplier; Mark Mannell
The Tobacco Smuggler; Gelli Graham
The DJ; Kev Rye
The Dealer's Best Mate; Jon Driscoll
The Dealer's Mate; Matt Vickery
The LSD Vision Musician; Gary Cantan
The LSD Vision; Tim McGregor
The Middle Age Stoner; Pete Gower
The Stressed Executive; Steve Piper
The CCTV Customer; Nathan Marsh
The Bongers; Chris Blyther and Alex Flatt
The Customers; Kat Arthurs, Betsy, Kirsty Brooker, Luke Hawkins, Ed Osborn and Steve Smith

Director/Producer/Writer; Steve Piper
Screenplay devised by the company during production and rehearsals
Executive Producers; Rob Fairlie and Vanda Rapti
Music; Gary Cantan, Amir Baghiri, Cliff Lassnig and The Committee
Stills Photographer/Set Dresser; Gelli Graham
Locations; George Tyrrell and Lord Barné
Prop Maker; Tim McGregor
Catering; Neil Jordan
Transport; Pete Gower and Peta Howe
Project Graphic Designer; Chris Malbon
Project Mascot; Coffee

"Brothers"; written and performed by Halo (Cliff Lassnig)
"Got Love 4 Me"; written and performed by 4GP and The Committee
"Bedroom Beats"; written and performed by Gary Cantan
"Escalator to Nowhere"; written and performed by Amir Baghiri
"Someday"; written and performed by The Committee feat. Poetic
"Spectres of a Dead Lake"; written and performed by Amir Baghiri
"Nightfall"; written and performed by Amir Baghiri
"Devoured Disco"; written and performed by Altered State (Cliff Lassnig)
"Last Heat"; written and performed by Amir Baghiri
"As It Stands"; performed by Halo (Cliff Lassnig)
All music © the credited groups and individuals

Love, Peace, and kisses; Debbie and family and cats, Karen Boyle, the people and places of Maidstone in Kent and Plumstead in London, and to everyone at Coffee Arts and Media Ltd
Shot entirely on location in Maidstone and London, England

Dave Smith as the Dealer

The smokers

Acid supplier Matt

The Dealer

Sarah and Liz Green as the E customers

Liz takes a bad one

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