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We welcome your correspondance and feedback, but please take note of our guidelines...

Employment, work experience and music submissions
If we're looking there will be ads places like Mandy, Shooting People or The Guardian. Freelancers are welcome to send CV/resumes to go on file as is anyone looking for work experience but opportunities are unfortunately extremely rare.

Script submissions and project proposals
If we're looking there will be ads places like Mandy or Shooting People. We are always interested in hearing about music and nature documentary film ideas or unique life stories that fit our interests; a few example films we admire include Dig!, The Cove, Bronson, Blow or Into the Wild, please send a synopsis and if it looks good we'll be in touch.

Questions and Advice on Filmmaking and Careers
Sadly, we just can't keep up with the volume of filmmaking questions we get, and almost all of them are answered in plenty of detail online by other websites anyway. Occasionally someone does ask a good one we're more than happy to answer if we can so if you really can't find it anywhere else (especially here!) by all means write in.

Besides that, we look forward to hearing from you;


We love the planet. We use lots of public transport, recycle almost everything, really like organic products that haven't been tested on animals and yes, we "believe" in that global warming. We don't like greenwash though and consider ourselves a long way from being truly eco-friendly, but it's what we're working towards. You can see a copy of our policy on such things here; Environment and Wildlife Policy.

We support a range of charities and causes focusing on small ones doing valuable, innovative and clever things for wildlife and animal welfare. Support includes financial donations and provision of services and advice for groups including the Wildcat Haven, Captive Animals Protection Society and Lynx UK Trust.

Emerging film talent has been supported in various ways over the years including executive producer support, short film distribution, script consultations and general advice. Unfortunately our schedule at present makes such involvement impossible but Head of Film Steve Piper can often be found giving talks and lectures at seminar events and universities, he's also a member of the BBC Film Network Industry Panel, though he never has the time to watch anything and they'll probably wise up and boot him out soon.


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