Chuffy, our beloved best mate

Our beloved first mascot and cat star, Chuffy.

Chuffy was a big, grumpy, old, red tabby tom cat. He lived a few doors down from our shared house and introduced himself by following each of us up the road and up the driveway, lavishing attention and seeking more over the course of several weeks. Eventually, someone made the mistake of feeding him, and we became his new home. Chuff enjoyed the best of both worlds for several months, sleeping mostly in our fresh laundry (shedding perfect white and gingery circles over everyone's clothes) and moaning occasionally for food and attention, then popping back to his original home for more.

Eventually, we discovered he'd decided on his favourite when his original family came looking for their missing cat, who to their surprise was found sat in our hallway, happy as pie, and so Chuffy became ours (or perhaps we became his). He spent a year with us, presenting his strange grumbling meow, happily and trustingly being scooped up to sleep like a baby in anyone's arms, appearing magically snuggled amongst your jumpers in inaccessible cupboards, and generally brightening everyone's day and sharing in some of our most treasured memories and earliest filmic moments.

Chuffy passed away from simple old age in 2001 and will be sorely missed and fondly remembered by all of us, rest in peace little buddy x