Sarah Green
Alter ego; primary school teacher

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Sarah was born in Beckenham in 1980, into a family eventually to expand to one dad, one step dad, one mum, one step mum, one sister (Liz Green), one step sister, two step brothers and two half brothers. Her first experience of the arts was through dancing classes aged 6, along with the obligatory primary school nativity plays;

"Liz got to play Mary and stuff while I got all the shit parts like 'General Gatherer in Nazareth', I think my best part was one of the shepherds."

Moving to Kent she joined the Stagecoach youth company with Liz;

"We were onstage singing something together then started arguing over who was singing their harmony out of tune, so I hit her then we had a scrap on the floor while everyone else just stood around watching."

During this time she also played violin for 6 years, but admits to being crap as she only reached grade 2, sang regularly in a choir, acheived a GCSE in music, a LAMDA bronze award, theatre GCSE and A-level and her grammar school theatre prize. She also performed with the Spellbound and Yewtree youth companies before eventually landing a place at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in Glasgow to study Contemporary Theatre Practice; a newly introduced honours course comprising largely of devised theatre through such methods as termly performances, theory, stilt walking, street theatre and other lame actor type stuff.

Sarah met Steve Piper through mutual friend Mark Lake in the Summer of 1998, and was cast in a supporting role in Coffee's ill fated first feature project. Becoming close friends with Piper they agreed to put together a second project to be shot in the Summer of 1999, with Sarah taking roles as lead actress and dramaturg, however this was also to be shelved after 5 days shooting due to Piper's dissatisfaction with his own screenplay.

She has had minimal input recently due to her residence in Glasgow, which she now prefers to Kent largely for it's club and social scene, but continues to dip her fingers into the development and writing process of most projects. She is an avid supporter of Crystal Palace Football Club, and although she initially enjoyed being "completely unartistic" working in a bank, she has recently come to her senses and learnt to despise it, heading instead to the greener pastures (in Scotland at least) of teaching, where she gets called a fucking bitch by 9 year olds from the Gorbals.

Sarah's most recent acheivement was brutally torturing her beautiful Ragdoll cat by naming it "Euripedes"; well, that's what going to theatre school will do to you, in spite of this Euripedes has mastered the art of "fetch" and is no doubt working on an escape plan for the near future.

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