Matt Bremerkamp
General Crew/Actor
Alter ego; Head Chef

All Photos ©2006 Steve Piper.

Matt was born in Maidstone in 1978 and has little memory of anything, least of all pre-school years. He eventually attended Loose Primary School and, unusually, quite liked it, taking home economics with one other boy and the rest of the class being girls. He went on to secondary school; Oldborough Manor, a dirty shithole squeezed in the gap where the crap estates end and the nice ones begin, unfortunately, most of the kids seemed to come from the shit estates. Matt trampolined for school and district, played some football, got into fights, worked on the school farm (until he 'accidentally' killed one of the rabbits; yeah we know Bremerkamp, "It slipped"!), became a prefect and embezzled the school tuck shop.

Passing most of his GCSE's, he got into drinking and hung out at the local sports centre trampolining and getting in fights. The home economics classes had obviously had some influence though, as he took an NVQ in hospitality and catering, passed and went full time at a local restaurant as head chef. Meanwhile free time was taking on a more predictable pattern of piss ups, punch ups, psychedelic hard trance music, beach trips and getting arrested;

"About 15 of us went out to a nightclub, some guy headbutted me, everyone jumped in and there was a huge fight, the manager and bouncers all jumped in as well, and eventually the police turned up and shut the club down then arrested, handcuffed and escorted us out of the building through a crowd of 5000 cheering clubbers."

He flew out to Ibiza with friend Dom and spent 3 months sitting on beaches and bumming around. In between sitting there was plenty of beer and partying, and one day they built a barbecue on the roof of the Manumission Hotel and hung out with Howard Marks and Happy Mondays. Eventually the money ran out, they got bored, and came home.

He decided to move in with an old friend who was sharing a 12 bedroom house with 5 other lads including Coffee founder Steve Piper, most of the 6 proceeded to completely abuse their employers, neighbours and landlord for nearly a year of parties and general fun before the landlord evicted everyone fearing subsidence from the increasing size of the party rigs. Matt stayed in Maidstone, appeared in and worked on a bunch of our films and studied to gain his skipper certificate (his Dad is a keen sailor; Matt's 18th birthday present was a Laser yacht).

Heading to Australia for a year to get brown and fat Matt succeeded on both counts and spet his time bumming around in a camper van and fretting about spiders (he only just found out not all redbacks have red backs, having spent a whole year shooing away the "harmless" brown house spiders), then headed back to the UK. Eventually settling in London he is now head chef in a Kensington bar and shares a flat with three actresses who get him invited to cool red carpet premieres he can never make it to because he's working. He is yet to sneak any of us a free meal.

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