Liz Green at Coffee Films
Liz Green


Liz Green, actress

Liz was born in London, to be immediately disadvantaged as the younger sister of the evil Sarah Green. The family moved to Kent at the end of the 80's and Liz immediately became interested in theatre, acting with several local youth companies from the age of 9 until her late teens, often with her sister;

"I was cast as Blousey to Sarah's Tallulah in a production of Bugsy Malone. We were so competitive with each other all the way through until one day I was in make up, and Sarah walked in. We just looked at each other across the room then kind of... attacked each other. We were like that all the time; I think it might even be our way of showing affection for each other."

She appeared briefly in a film she can't remember aged 10, auditioned to play Cosette in the West End run of Les Miserables aged 11; "...shitting myself...", sang in the child chorus of a professional production in Canterbury's Marlowe theatre aged 13, and spent 4 weeks in performance in London with the Stagecoach youth company, performing Guys and Dolls.

A few years later she got to know the Coffee team through Sarah and various friends performing one of the key parts in the Dealer project as one of the only true actors on the film.

Working her way through school Liz 'enjoyed' the typical teenage Saturday jobs at MacDonald's; "...the customers are bastards...", Sainsbury's; "...they all called me eco-warrior..." and one of those little shops that blatantly sell bongs, Rizla, and tie-die clothes with tassles on to stoners.

She escaped her home town of Maidstone in the early 2000's taking a BA in acting at Rose Bruford just outside London, then got distracted from job seeking by a new found love for travel which has kept her going for the last decade. Winding up with a Hungarian husband living in Japan, where she brings all the wonders of the English language to the people of Osaka (evidenced in the number of locals who's only words of English are "Don't talk rubbish" and "fancy a bevvy?") and is making plans for a long awaited return to England to take up an MA in acting and start harassing us for parts again.