Cast and Crew

David House; Lee
Mat Betteridge; Jon
Sarah Harvey-Smart; Sarah
Director/Producer/Writer; Steve Piper
First Assistant Director; Adam Clements
Music; Mister Ed
Associate Producers; David House, Rob Fairlie, Vanda Rapti
Animal Wrangler; Gelli Graham
Production Mascot; Coffee

Featuring the track "Now John", written and performed by Mister Ed, ©2004 Mister Ed

Shot entirely on location in Maidstone and London, England.
©2004 Coffee Films


Steve Piper
Steve is the Managing Director of the Coffee Arts and Media company, where he focuses the majority of his attention on film. He has shot 19 shorts and documentaries so far for Coffee Films and has three more at different stages of production currently. He was recognised as one of Europe's best young directors by a jury formed on behalf of MIFED in 2004 and hopes to start shooting his first feature next year.

David House
David was the lead in our successful short How To Disappear Completely and makes a welcome return to us fresh from shooting Alexander with Oliver Stone, performing at the Edingburgh Fringe, and about to begin shooting on Harry Potter 4, he also managed to lie his way into three of Europe's most prestigious, exclusive, and expensive film events last year using nothing more than a How To Disappear Completely postcard and charm.

Mat Betteridge
Mat graduated from Rose Bruford College of Speech and Drama two years ago. His theatre credits include a South of England tour of the 1920's Musical Let's Charleston and the world premiere of Bird in the Bush at Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2004, his TV credits include work for Channel 4 and the Hallmark Channel. He is disappointed at having finally been trapped into working with David after trying to distance himself since secondary school.

Sarah Harvey-Smart
Sarah has been working in TV since the age of 4, and was treading the boards at 9 as Young Cosette in Les Mis, she has worked in commercials, films, cabaret, theatre, music, voiceovers, radio, and print, andrecently finished playing another fiery character in the latest Amy Winehouse music video. She's hoping to land a few parts as a slightly less demonic character in the near future.